Thursday, June 15, 2006

Taking Back America

John Kerry received several standing ovations for his admission of being "misled" during his speech at the Take Back America conference. He was speaking in reference to his vote of support for the war in Iraq. America, prepare yourself for JFK for president, round 2. God save the Democratic Party.

Hills to Pay the Bills

Hillary Rodham Clinton, delivering a speech at the Take Back America conference here in Washington. This was the biggest progressive conference of the year. The former first lady delivered a standard speech by all accounts, receiving a few boos for refusing to demand a withdrawal date for the troops.

Gotta love furry creatures...

That is a prairee dog at the National Zoo. Ain't it cute? Watch out, they're ferocious. Sorta.

Sunset in the District

Shot of the National Cathedral from Kilbourn street in Mount Pleasant, DC. Just a few blocks from my house.

Dusting it Off

Nick Johnson preparing for an at-bat... shortly after this picture was taken Nicky swatted a dinger. Whoopee!

It's Good to be a Fan

Especially if your name is Stu Jazface. Yep, that's him.

It'll always be Pac Bell to me...

I don't care what they call it, SBC, AT&T, or freakin Operator Park, it'll always be Pac Bell Park, by the bay.

Heilman warming up his arm, the view from Toshi's seats.


He struck out and was pissed. Swinging for the fences will get you a K every now and then...

Lights of the Summer

Summer is here... and that means many things. It means heat and sun, swimming and barbeques, it means long nights and early mornings, but it also means baseball. The lights are on at RFK and elsewhere as the national pastime is played out. Go Giants!