Friday, April 14, 2006

Back in the Bay

It feels a bit strange to be here, I will admit, but it is nice to be home. San Francisco, it seems, will always be the place I keep coming back to. Shots of the 'sco, the bay glistening, the ships coming in, it's all part of the greatness.

Yay for bay.

Dog of my Heart

Chanu. Looking like a champ. She's old and weak these days, partially deaf and blind. She prefers to flop around the house from sleeping corner to sleeping corner it seems. However, she's still pretty damn beautiful if you ask me. And every once in a while she parks herself right in the middle of a spectacular view, with the wind blowing on top of bernal hill. Downtown salutes you, dog.

Greatest Hits

And thus it began...

As I am trying to organize my thoughts and photographs from the past four months, I am stupified as to where to begin. In a way, it helps me to test it out with my click-button desktop publishing technique. Somehow, if I put it up here then it must be good.

Well, I think I like it anyways.

The Faces I Have Grown to Love...

There were some faces made, caught, slipped, found, shot and played over the course of my journies which will remain indelible in my mind... here is a smattering of a few of my favorites.
Toshi, looking gravely twisted beneath the Hassan II mosque in Casablanca. No, he's not normally cross-eyed.
Elizabeth, showing off that darling baby face outside the Cathedral of Seville, late night. Catching flies.
My mom. Looking cute as can be. Pretty good for 56!