Thursday, March 23, 2006


Saying goodbye to Morocco is nice. We had a wonderful stay and saw some unforgettable things, but it was time to go.

We were exposed to a whole different way of life, a different world with different views, customs and standards. Whether bickering in the streets with the ceaseless barrage of Moroccans aiming to take advantage of our Americana, or sifting through sands of the Sahara we leave with fresh memories of good times.

I should say, we saw a tremendous amount of human suffering via poverty while in Morocco. It is evidenced in the appallingly poor physical health of the people, and the sub-standard living conditions that many of them inhabit. But the people and the land are beautiful. The simple beauty of Morocco is breathtaking. Simple, uncomplicated, natural beauty. In the cities you notice the squalor as you sift through the filth, but when we get out to the countryside we see that the country remains largely untouched...


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