Friday, March 24, 2006

Of Cathedrals and Colonies...

The cathedral of Sevilla is probably the most spectacular cathedral I have ever seen. It is absolutely immense, with something like 20 individual sanctuaries or sanchristies, something like that.

Interestingly, the cathedral boasts the sepulchre of Cristobal Colon, better known to the English world as Christopher Columbus. However, apparently there are at least a couple of other churches that also claim to house his remains in Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Such matters are trivial though really because all there is to see is the tomb itself.

The sculpted guardsmen who adorn the tomb are of particular note. The man on the front left holds a spear with a cross at the top and a crescent moon at the base, symbolizing the "successful" Spanish reconquest of Muslim Spain in 1492. A victory for Christianity over the Muslims. The spear is lodged into a pomegranate at its base, symbolizing Granada, the heart of Muslim Spain. Granada (pomegranate in English) was sacked in 1492, the same year Columbus set sail for India. Dumby.


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