Friday, March 03, 2006

La Barba

Yes... that's Toshi with a beard.

There are some stunning architectural wonders here in Valencia, not the least of which is the framework of the structure one can see behind my lovely furry subject. This construction is part of a larger complex that is made up of the opera house and Valencia's museum of natural sciences. The architect is the renowned Francisco Calatrava who, among other things, designed the Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM). My grandfather I know, will be delighted by this factoid.

Calatrava's buildings seem to conjure the ocean, and are consistently reminiscent of sea vessels. The Valencia opera house reminds me more of a cruise ship, whereas the MAM is more akin to a light and airy sailing ship. Beautiful work, immediately recognizable. His work seems to interact seamlessly with the natural environment around it, most notably affecting the air and the water. Truly magnificent.


Anonymous Jessy Tolkan said...

Thanks for the Milwaukee shout-out! I stand alongside your grandfather with such great pride that Milwaukee is home to a Calatrava Masterpiece!!!

9:54 AM  

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