Sunday, March 12, 2006

Into Africa...

And into the great beyond. Culture shock, perhaps the greatest I have ever had.

We have entered into Morocco, currently stationed in Fes, a city in the North-Eastern portion of the country. This country smells, tastes, sounds and looks different. I guess that means it feels different, too.

We spent more or less 48 hours travelling from Granada to Fes, by bus, bus, boat, bus, and more stinky, crowded, crappy bus. This shot is obviously from the boat portion of our journey, we sailed from Malaga in southern Spain to Melilla which is Spanish Morocco. It took 8 hours to make that portion of our trek, although it is probably only a few hundred kilometers. But we are finally at something of a destination.

Spent this morning trying to get our laundry cleaned unsuccesfully. Tomorrow is another day...


Anonymous Kyle said...

Wow! It's not much of a word, but that's what the first thing that pops in my head when I read about all about your amazing adventures. I know I've said this a few times, but your trip sounds, looks, and, I'm sure, is a completely amazing and incredable journey. I miss you tons and can't wait to talk to you and hear tons of cool stories about this "journey of a lifetime." Have fun and enjoy the rest of your trip, but don't EVER forget your groupies!!! :)

Love always,

P.S. Nice hat! :P

10:27 PM  
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