Sunday, March 19, 2006

Dead Camel

And here is the aftermath of Toshi's rage... a poor helpless camel laid to waste.

Really though, I think Toshi and I have been left scarred for life when it comes to camel riding. It's safe to say that we will probably never ride camels again.

As far as Moroccan camels go however, it is probably a welcome respite. The treatment of animals in this country is nothing short of deplorable. In all honesty, the reason this camel died is because they are roped together from their mouths to the ass of the camel in front of them, with a rope that is about four feet long. Toshi's camel was roped to the ass of mine, it fell climbing up the sand dunes, and had its neck snapped by the force my camel exerted in pulling it by its mouth... not a pretty sight.

We boycotted camels from there on out, walking the Saharan sand dunes was not a problem. In the summer though, it is probably a different story.


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