Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Venice Moon

Beautiful Venice... bella Venezia.

Wandering the streets of this ancient and beautiful city. Intricate artisanry from the architecture to the Carnevale masks, I am awed by the attention to detail. I am also curious how people afford to live in this town. In fact, for the most part I don't think they can. I was talking to one resident, Elisabetta lives with her parents in a suburb, but her grandparents live in the actual city of Venice. Her grandfather can't walk up and down the stairs anymore (he's 82), and there is no way to drive a car into the city, so you can imagine his contact with his family and the outside world is severely limited.

Venice truly is unique. I watched the Super Bowl from a bar in Venice, they tried to kick us out early. We resisted. I bumped into Jonathan Pasternack though, a cousin of mine, crazy. I guess though, of all places to bump into an American in Venice, the only bar broadcasting the Super Bowl is a pretty good place. Go figure.


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