Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Inverted Teter

Hannah Teter, goes inverted and wins gold for the United States. The US currently leads all countries in gold medals, all taken in snowboarding and speedskating. US dominance in snowboarding is widely revered across nationalities here at the games.

Al Tielemans, the photographer I am assisting, was given a lecture yesterday by one of the snowboard magazine photographers. It appears Sports Illustrated is not up to snuff in terms of shooting boarders. There is a technique to shooting these guys, they want proper form (with grabs) and the lip of the halpipe in view (to show amplitude). Hey man, snowboarding isn't just a sport okay? "It's a lifestyle," and I quote here.

Incidentally, speaking of "Amplitude," it looks at this point as though Al got the SI cover this week. It's a shot of Shaun White sailing high through the sky between some mountains and some trees. Very nice shot. Al has had about 45 covers, so it's not an unbelievable occurence, but definitely a cause for celebration. He was one of two SI photographers covering the biggest story in American sports this week, and I was there baby.

Get Amped.


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