Thursday, December 22, 2005

Strumming and Grubbing

More pictures from the gathering in Jerusalem. One of the most amazing parts of the shindig, was the music and the singing. They had songbooks and everything! I was trying to imagine something like this going down in the states, I was having a hard time picturing it.

This guy, I forget his name of course, if you look closely has a scar on his right forearm. While driving through a Palestinian Occupied Territory with his sister, his car was impeded and riddled with bullets from Palestinian militants. Both he and his sister survived miraculously, although they were both in critical condition for weeks. When you meet people who have been through these experiences and come to terms with the amount of violence that they are faced with on a daily basis, and you find that in spite of it all they are committed to peace and want to work with the Palestinian people, you get a very new perspective on the crisis here. The racial conflicts here are so much deeper than just prejudice. The war is evident on both sides, and has left many scars.


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