Friday, December 23, 2005

Shabbat in Tel Aviv

For Shabbat tonight we went downstairs to celebrate with our new friends at the Mersand Cafe. Tel Aviv is not a religious city but at our local coffee shop they have a special welcoming of the Sabbath every Friday night, tonight we enjoyed some live music featuring a guitar player and a female singer. The music was good, not great, but interestingly most of her songs were in English. One was even about California, imagine that!

We went to a Judaica shop today looking to buy a cheap Chanukkiyah, as Chanukkah does start the day after tomorrow, and encountered a friendly shop owner named Ruben. Ruben expressed to us that Israeli's typically view George Bush favorably because not only has been a huge ally to Israel, he has been less pushy towards the Israeli government with regards to the peace process. He felt that Clinton had been very aggressive in formulating peace in the Middle East. It got me thinking about about all the famous photos you see of Rabin and Clinton and X foreign minister, Clinton is always the centerpiece of every one of those photos... Clinton really wanted Middle Eastern peace to be his living legacy. I wonder what Bush wants?


Anonymous Greg Clark said...

Dakota, I am a friend of your mother's, and she sent me a link to your blog in an IM today. I find both the stories and the photos captivating. I have long been intrigued with Israel, the struggle and the people, so your perspectives are very interesting. Enjoy your trip, and if you don't mind, I will take you up on your invitation to tag along, albeit via the web. Cheers, Greg

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Lucy Fine said...

This is so much fun tagging along on your inner sights and outer sights. I'm hooked, and following your tail....oops, I mean trail!
Shalom, Lu

12:36 PM  

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