Saturday, December 24, 2005

Ebb and Flow

Young soldiers preparing to be discharged from the Army, travel to the sea, ostensively to make their peace. They entered the military without choice, their ancestors like mine, fled oppressive conditions in Europe. The only difference is, my forefathers came to the United States, theirs chose Israel.

As they distance themselves from their service many new questions arise for them. They are forced to confront their own actions as they begin to relate more fully as a citizen of the world, and not just as a citizen of Israel. Guilt and ambivalence, complicated answers to even more complicated questions, they are related to as though they should know the solution, after all they committed the crime didn't they?

In the end we are all people, and I believe it has less to do with who we are and more to do with the circumstances of our condition. Change is possible, people can radically transform their behaviors, it remains a question of incentive. We are creatures of context, and just as we should not overlook the surroundings for Palestinians growing up under deprived impoverished conditions, Jewish Israelis feel as though they can not overlook their own isolation and the reality that they have had to fight for everything they have ever had.


Anonymous mary isham said...

Hi Cody!

I'm at Point Reyes with your mothers having Christmas breakfast and soon a wet walk at Kehoe with the puppy. I just wanted tocheck in and wish youwell in your journey. am reading your blogs andhearing stories including your illness. Iwould be remiss if I did not tell you to drink lots of fluids , herbal teas etc etc and so forth. I heard you prayed for me at the wailing wall, thank you. I think I recieved your prayers. Did 10 paINTINGS IN THE PAST TWO DAYS AS i AM HOUSE SITTING AT MY PAINT TEACHERS HOUSE In Point Reyes. Will go to Esalen for a weeek over the New year and do improv....have a great time and stay safe, much love Mary

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